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Young Wave VOICE: Safety product query platform based on hazardous substances

Young Wave VOICE is an indispensable tool for the safe handling of hazardous materials. With just one click you get information on more than 1,500 hazardous substances in the database and specific advice on safety equipment. It's that simple, give it a try.
You know the material well

You understand the hazardous materials you are dealing with. You only need to enter the hazardous substance and Young Wave VOICE will immediately tell you the physical and chemical properties and limit values ​​of the substance.

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We know how to respond

Young Wave VOICE online tool recommends suitable respiratory equipment and personal protective equipment as well as corresponding gas detection solutions to users in real time.

Convenient expertise

Young Wave VOICE gives you a quick overview of our security product portfolio and works with almost any device. It is an essential tool for safe handling of hazardous materials.


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