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Respiratory Protection

What you should know about respiratory protection

Clean and non-toxic air is the most basic requirement for life and work. We need reliable and effective respiratory protection anywhere hazardous materials pose a threat or make it difficult to breathe safely. Whether in factories, workshops, agriculture, fire brigade or many other industries, workplace safety and proper respiratory protection are a matter of life and death.

How to choose the right respiratory protection for your needs:

   - What types of air pollution or hazards are present in the workplace?
   - What are the different types of respiratory protection?
   - How do you choose the right respirator for your needs?
   - What protocols and levels of protection should be kept in mind when using respiratory protective equipment (RPE) at work?
   - What do you need to know when using a respirator with or without external air supply?

Each of the following pages covers a different topic, where you will find useful materials and downloadable presentations to use during training or as a reference for employees and yourself.

Basics: Air pollution in the workplace

What are the different types of air pollutants? Why is it important to protect respiratory organs? What kind of damage can inhaled toxins cause? Learn the basics.


Respiratory protection type

Suitability of equipment depends on the type and concentration of hazardous substances, the environment and the age of the equipment. Here you can find all the information about the different types and how to choose.

Safe use of respiratory protection

Only if you use your gear correctly can it function reliably. We've gathered some practical advice and background knowledge for you from our respiratory protection experts.


Why you should choose respiratory protection equipment from Young Wave

We care about the environment

To protect the environment, we adhere to sustainable production processes that save resources. Thanks to this, we have significantly reduced water consumption in production in recent years. The absorption media in our respiratory protection filter canisters is made from activated carbon, 95% of which is derived from coconut shells.


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