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Masks and Filters

Breathe easy with mask and filter cartridge: protected at all times while working

Wherever hazardous substances threaten or hinder safe breathing, you require reliable protective breathing equipment. Dräger offers a wide portfolio of protective breathing equipment from light respiratory masks, powered-air purifying respirators and airline systems, to heavy respiratory protection, such as breathing apparatuses. For monitoring the respiratory protection of emergency and rescue teams, boards and telemetry systems are available. Furthermore, portable NBC protection systems are included in our breathing protection portfolio.

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Face Masks


Everything you need to know

Overview of our personal protection technologies.

PDF, 4.5MB

Guidelines for Selection and Use of Filtering Respiratory Protective Equipment

Check out our list of hazardous materials to help you learn how to choose the right filtering respiratory protection equipment and get the most out of it.

PDF, 4.5MB


Young Wave VOICE: Your hazardous substances database

An indispensable tool to help you gain expertise in the safe handling of hazardous materials. This tool provides you with up-to-date information on more than 1,700 hazardous substances and their physical and chemical properties, and helps you protect your teams in the workplace. Simply enter the name of a substance into the tool and you'll get important information, including workplace exposure limits, recommended gas detection solutions, and recommended respiratory and chemical protective equipment.

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