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Sanitizing Products

About Us

Young Wave PPE was one of the pioneers in the hygiene industry, providing COVID-19 related products since the beginning of the global outbreak. During this long-lasting episode of the pandemic, Youngwave PPE has consistently supported the community with a list of high-demanding hygiene products, standing on the frontline of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Young Wave holdings PPE specializes in the wholesale distribution of quality medical supplies and personal protective equipment in a B2B setting servicing businesses across various industries. We have FDA or CE certifications for each product, test reports, and distribution infrastructure.



Dental Clinics, Hospitals, Government Organizations, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Companies, all Canadians and Americans!


We are committing to helping those who need help, we would love to donate to non-profit organizations, welfare institutions, nursing homes, and long term care facilities.

Food Donation Volunteers



The Mission

We provide reliable Personal Facial Protective Equipment with the most competitive pricing to all North American Companies.

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